Maik Krahl - Trumpeter, Composer, Educator
October 18, 2023

Maik Krahl & WDR Big Band - Opening/ Tangent to Tango

About two years ago I had the pleasure to play my own music with the great WDR Big Band at Kölner Philharmonie. Opening/ Tangent to Tango are now available on YouTube.

Maik Krahl & WDR Big Band - Opening/ Tangent to Tango

April 14, 2023

IN-BETWEEN FLOW Vinyl out now

Today is the release day of In-Between Flow as vinyl. I‘m very happy and proud of this product. Thanks to everyone who was involved and made this happen. For this special day we saved the studio video of No Claim Claim for you. It‘s a song about surfing and it features the one and only Kurt Rosenwinkel.

No Claim Claim Studio Video

March 31, 2023

Music video for Flawless Sunday out now

In two weeks we will release the vinyl for In-Between Flow. The first video for this release tells a story about a free day without commitment and a lot of me time. It’s a day of reflection, thinking, planning and charging your inner battery.

Flawless Sunday Music Video

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